Things to know about Shafaat Ali- The Mimicry Guy

Shafaat Ali- Mimicry Guy

Shafaat Ali- Mimicry Guy



Social Media is no more then a flood of viral videos and gossips but it’s certainly true that we all engage ourselves so much in these stuff. Following the Trend of Pakistani Social Media, one of the star , Mr. Shafaat Ali is now all over the place for his amazingly good mimicry skills and humorous expressions , depicting the role of all Pakistani Politicians & Actors. Shafaat Ali’s mimicry is the next trending thing on social media in Pakistan these days, whether it be Bilawal  Zardari , Imran Khan or Atif Aslam- he is taking some serious attention.

Guess what!

This stand up comedian is even a better singer then Atif Aslam while singing his songs. I don’t know how would have Atif reacted after this ! :”D

Don’t believe me have a look at this link: 

Well after searching alot on the google and trust me literally alot! I have shortlisted a few things which you might want to know about THE SHAFAT Ali – so here they are:

Shafaat Ali

Shafaat Ali

1. He is an Engineer by qualification.:D (Just like Momina Mustehsan *Wink Wink*)

2. Shafaat Ali basically belongs to Peshawar but he did his early schooling from Tarbela City.

3. Shafaat’s Role model is none other then the great legend himself- Moin Akhtar.( RIP)


Moin Akhtar

Moin Akhtar







4. He takes keen interest in Politics- perhaps now we know how he goes with the flow.

5. His dream is to bring back the concept of Stand Up Comedy in Pakistan.

6. And yes! He does get threats from the powerful sources whom he depicts :O


You might want to see this: 





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