These are not just simple clothes! Smart Clothes

Your clothes are not just meant to be stylish but they need to be smart aswell.
This world is no less then a fantasy story now, let us enter into the world where imagination takes a seconf to turn into reality.

Smart Clothing (1)Let me know introduce to you all, the smart clothing, the smart jacket! Technology Code name Project Jacquard
Working on the principle of conductive yarn or conductive fabric woven into making garments.
These conductive yarns create an interactive patch which is able to sense the touch, pressure and even hands’ position before you touch the fabric.

Awesome! isn’t it.
But how does it actually help us?
The conductive yarn connects over blue-tooth. The commuter trucker jacket has a touch sensitive area on the cuff. With one swipe, you can answer Phone Calls and connect to google.Smart Clothing (1)
This kind of garment has been manufactured on trial basis and its prototype has been designed by two grand companies who merged together in the recent past i.e Levi’s and Google.

Everyday material can be transformed into interactive surface.

Introducing yet another Fabric Technology, here is the ” Caress of the Gaze”
A new innovative garment, which is controlled by the sight of the person who is starring at the shirt. This specific type of garment is made by 3D Printed plastics along with a hidden camera. Designed by Behnaz Farahi, the 3-D printed top recoils and undulates when the camera detects any sight in its direction.
This effects shows as if the garment is breathing in and out.
Smart Clothing (1)
These printed quills are basically semi-flexible mash laced with muscle wire.





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