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Syed Waqas Waheed, known as Vikas Hashmi among the media personnel  is one of the  Pakistan’s youngest event managers.

This diligent worker h10408727_841775672553894_6166545672931808954_nailing from Sukkur, Rohri Sindh did his MBA in marketing from Bahria University Islamabad.


Vikas Hashmi:”I cannot trust anyone, but you can trust me”


Vikas worked quite a few years in several areas, but ended up as a Marketing Manager in his own company.  He
started his career by volunteering for events in his alma mater Bahria University. . Being an active participant of all the co-curricular activities in BU,  he then became the Director marketing of the BU press club and Head and Chief Coordinator of the Arts and Dramatic club.

Mr.Hashmi has now started his own company that deals with event management too.


From childhood he was a very bright student and he always participated in extracurricular activities. With the passage of time he started internships in different organizations like Channel 7 Pvt Limited, NUST corporate advisory, DART (Development Analysis and Research Team) and Marketing Manager of Bahria University Alumni 3rd Executive Committee, 2015.



His first major experience in the field came as a Hospitality Manager for a South Asian Judo Championship 2011 in Dreamland hotel Islamabad. Five international teams were managed by him which required looking to their breakfast, lunch, hi tea and dinner arrangements.Then he was with LXG Marketing as a Protocol Officer in PRIME MINISTER Sports Events in Sports Complex Islamabad in Liaqat Gymnasium from 22-29 June, 2012.


He was a Protocol officer in 2nd Shaheed Benazir Bhutto international boxing tournament 2011.

Mr Hashmi was assigned as assistant protocol officer for 3 days in 1ST Aisam-ul-Haq tennis championship 2011 in Pakistan as a team of ESSENTIAL CONCEPTS AGENCY. He was also assigned as a Registration Head at Ticeon 2010 organised by Tie Islamabad. It was attended by over 1400 entrepreneurs from all over Pakistan.

Then he was With Channel 7 and Jang Media Group as a hall management team head in The News Education Conference 13 “Prioritizing Education” 13th June, 2012 & 12th June, 2013. He also Works as Management team in Micro Finance Summit Pakistan 2013 at Serena Islamabad.
He was Organizer of Conference of Entrepreneurship & Business Acceleration Program 2013 under Enterprise Forum Pakistan.Assistant Event Head in Pakistan Cultural Week 2013with Essential Concept.He was a Guest Relation Officer in D8 Trade Exhibition 2012 with Work Group.

After doing this he joined as a volunteer in Overseas Event Management (OEM) for an international concert of VikaJigulinaas an Artist Manager. Due to his excellent abilities to handle different situations the company promoted him as a Marketing Executive on commission base. After his good performance he was promoted as Senior Marketing Executive. He was Marketing Director in OEM for 1 year and 2 months.


Q.Who do you consider as your role model?

Islam: Prophet PBUH

Professionally : Steve Jobs / Quaid-e-Azam

Acting: Amir Khan

Q. Where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years?

Professionally: Entrepreneur or Director Post of any Multinational

Q. Event Manager, Placement Counselor, Actor, or Comedian? What would you actually  like to be?

Famous Actor as well as Entrepreneur

Q.  Vikas Hashmi Or Syed Waqas Waheed?

Media Name: Vikas Hashmi

Professionally: Syed Waqas Waheed

Q. Your life’s goal?

Sab ko khush rakhoon .. and People will not forget me either they remember me in good words or bad and also want to become a famous actor.

                                                                                                          ~ THAT’s ALL FOLKS ~


There is long list of events he managed in OEM, some of them are corporate events with the well-known companies like Suzuki, PTC, PTV, and Coca Cola. Birthday parties, wedding and commercial events like concerts of VikaJigulina, Edward Maya, Atif Aslam, RahatFateh Ali Khan, Two the Band, Roxen, RDB Sahara, QuratulainBalouch, Asrar, UmairJaswal, UzairJaswal


He organized these events voluntarily in order to gain sufficient experience and he got some very positive motivation by doing this and he decided to run his own company. Currently Mr. Hashmi started his own business of Event Management By the name of Yellow Buds – Sprouting New Ideas which have 4 partners from well-known companies. He is acting as a Marketing Director/PR and a shareholder in his company.


According to Mr. Hashmi “One should have a lot of tolerance and patience because as an event manager you have to deal with different types of clients every day”. He also said that “Event Manager should be responsible and have good understanding skills, they must have goals to achieve, a vision towards success and good communication.” Hashmi says “If you relate event management with young or new event managers, then I must say it’s a great contribution to event management industry, this idea enhances the designers and promote those brands or products which can’t afford high level marketing. They achieve their goals with low cost.” I must quote here that “Risk is a major factor of making anything happen, as far as concern to event management there are different kind of risk management such as wrong targeted audience and miss management causes a risk in making event Success.                                                 11050102_935410639857063_5439897767408410457_n      Sometimes events may exceed the limit of sponsors which have a bad impact related to marketing and display and overall presentation of event. I think that event manager should be very flexible so that he/she can adjust him/himself in each and every type of environment. Event manager should know how to treat and maintain long term relations with his team and each and every single person working in that event crew.


On the last page of the book I must write that new event managers do not damage the image of event industry for the sake of little amount and never ever create such kind of polices and strategies which involve criticism in event management team. They never harshly command their team. He should maintain and balance the rights of all the workers, participants, audience, members, guests and each and every person who is part of that event.”





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