Virat Kohli cannot score a Century In Pakistan

“Kohli is a fantastic player but our team will make it hard for him to score a century in Pakistan,”

                                                                                                                                             Mickey Arthur 

No doubt that the chanting strokes of Virat Kohli are worth appraising even by all Pakistanis but this is probably not possible for him to complete.


India has not played against Pakistan in Pakistan since 2007. Be it the Political tension between the two neighboring countries or the fear of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), until Virat Kohli can’t play in Pakistan and against Pakistan his record to score a century in every country he toured with his team.

Virat Kohli has very successfully managed to score the centuries in 9 countries he visited with his team and the only one missing from the list the rival nation for them i.e Pakistan.

Micky Arthur further clarified:

It has been a great pleasure to watch Kohli scoring against all teams and it is always enjoyable to watch his batting. However, our bowlers will not make it easy for him to score in Pakistan,




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