Want to Study Abroad? A must read for you.

Degree  Want to study abroad? Here are a few tips & tricks which will help you!

In this article I am going to share a few important tips which might be very helpful for the students who are about to graduate from their university or who graduated but waiting to get indulge in any university abroad.

Most students aim to get admission in another university for pursuing their higher studies and in order to do so, please keep in mind the following university requirements:

a. Recommendation letters atleast 2-3, well written by any of your senior professors in university. Get them before anything else. In writing a perfect recommendation letter please make sure to tell your professors to write your capabilities,as many as possible.  Ask them to kindly mention the number of credits hours of classes and the internship and project period as well.


b. When you are sending your documents outside the country you are suppose to get them notorized from Notary Republic. Get your transcripts and Degree notarized as soon as possible.


Study Abroad

c. Immediately, get all you documents scanned before time.

d. For the issue of degree at earliest possible time, try to submit the degree fee early and also submit an application to your authority for an urgent disposal.CollegeDegree

e. Get you appointment for the attestation from HEC, Higher Education Commission, for the attestation of your documents like transcripts and degree. This procedure takes time so get it as soon as possible.

f. When you are applying for PhD or MS Programs leading to PhD one of the most important task is to write a research proposal for what you want to pursue in future. While writing a  research proposal keep in mind to write according to a specific university for which you are applying. Try to read the papers published by the professors of the relevant university and understand the scope of your research at their department. A perfect research proposal consists of your own interest of a particular choice, your back ground  knowledge and experience, and most importantly how is your research going to help that particular university or that specific field. Try to be realistic, donot use fictitious statements like you can change the world with a certain kind of a magical spell. Instead, try to impress the reader with your realistic knowledge and approach. Write what is actually possible not what you want. Also mention the kind of work being done at their university it will definitely give them a fair impression that you did you research completely.

g. Personal Statement is like a Myself Essay! You need to write about yourself , who you are, what did you study and what you want to study in future? and what are your future goals. Be realistic and be genuine. List both your positive traits and as well as negative traits. This gives a fair impression of your personality assessment.

h. Get your passport almost ready and scan its first few pages aswell. If your passport expiry date is about to finish before the expected completion of your degree time at the new university, try to apply for a new passport.

i. Language professiency tests ! Extremely important….! Try to study or practice for IELTS or Toefl, as per the university requirement well before your submission date. Take the test at the earliest because  in case you need some more scores you have enough time to practice and reappear.

j. Students assessment tests: A few university offer students to take their own examination for admissions while most of them accept GRE or SAT like examinations which are attested worldwide.





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