Was Metro Bus Really Needed?

Lahore-Metro-Bus-Service-Inauguration-Picture-Gallery-22Was metro bus really a necessity?

I am a resident of Rawalpindi city, and I have witness the whole construction for the past whole year .There is a buzz nowadays about the inauguration of Metro in Rawalpindi and Islamabad but what I witnessed today, really displeased me.

In the morning while travelling on the Murree Road, all I can see  were the hoardings and big billboards having the huge pictures of our worthy Prime Minister, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef and dear Mr Chief Minister Punjab, Mian Muhammad Shabaz Shareef. Out of curiosity, I was astonished to see the pictures of a very deary Leader of PMLN MR Haneef Abbasi. I thought Imran Khan had beat him with a margin in his own very own Halka. Why was he there? Did he contributed towards it’s building or did he donated the cement for the construction.

Which idiot in Rawalpindi or Islamabad isn’t aware of the fact that the so called Pakistan Metro bus ( The Rawalpindi Islamabad Metro Bus Plan) is the child of our Very own elected members of PMLN( Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz).

What was the need of displaying those huge Banners and what was the need of pretending the owners of this metro bus?

On one Billboard, Mr Haneef Abbasi thanked the Chief Minister Punjab and Prime Minister Pakistan for this metro bus. Dude! They didn’t made it from their money and they didn’t gift us.

Metro Bus construction was made possible by spending Billions of rupees of us! The public!

Be thankful to them, who got you elected and then allowed you to construct this huge master piece.

Be thankful for they had given you a chance to do as much corruption as you wanted.

Perhaps you believe to invest and construct magnificent and giant structure which are enough to keep your public aware that the government is working.

I have witnessed myself that your management constructed one road and broke it on the next day? Why? Because it will generate revenue for you people?

Why don’t you invest in Quality Education?

Please don’t tell me that you started the Danish School! If you agree to send your grand children in those schools then perhaps I may assume that you actually brought a great Educational Revolution!


Education My Lord is the key to success, Not roads!

Get your public educated first so that they know not to spill their saliva or water on the expensive elevators! Get your public educated that they know the manners to use an escalator.

Personally believing you made a route from Rawalpindi to Islamabad, where you can stop at any station. Trust me No one’s destination is near around the main stations. You need to walk atleast 3 Kilo meters in order reach their work place or universities. People would still prefer to go on bike or their own vehicle instead of travelling and waiting for hours in bus and then walking 3-4 kilometres daily.

People would still prefer to use the old transportation which they were using instead of those who are left with no choice.

I am a little concern about the construction of the pillars and the whole run way. Were you aware of the fact that Islamabad is the most threatfull capital to experience an earth quake?

Are the pillars and run way Earth Quake proof?

I wish they are! Because they should, otherwise we may expect the disaster God Forbidden caused by a calamity.



I wish you have allotted 44billion rupees on education, perhaps you could have get goof engineers and architects who would have designed and made it work in a low cost.


Not concern about naya or porana

I Hope for better Pakistan!




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