What does it take to Represent your University?

What do you get whenever you represent your University at any local or National/International platforms,…….Popularity, Fame, Respect or a simple way to bunk your class?

Apart from all of these, You get a Pride!                               10712906_673444679420811_1107611311007821998_n

Out of your whole institute, you are the one representing all of them, whether better or worse than you. Your character, your talent, your performance ,becomes the only criteria for others to judge your institute. Participation in the extra curricular activities not only help you develop confidence but helps you develop new skills.





                Therefore take that pride and be the Flag bearer.

I must highlight a few reasons why you should take part in all the      extra curricular activities and represent your University.

1. Your teachers will always give you respect and will honor you  know matter how bad you were in their class.

2. You get a special treatment from the Higher authorities.

3. It’s the perhaps easiest way to bunk a class.

4.  You will learn to manage time and prioritize your tasks.

5. You get involved in various interests and you will finally sort out the one which becomes your passion.11390248_10203217689562313_7941209729983544599_n

6. You learn about long term commitments.

7. You raise your self esteem, by challenging yourself and you learn to cope with different things at a time,…….Multitasking.

8. It will definitively improve your CV.

9. You make new friends whenever you are in a team or any group event.

10. It’s Fun.






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