Who is Jeena & Where are her parents? Spoiler Alert





Jeena- ManMayal …! Who is Jeena & Where are her parents?………..! Almost half of the population of Pakistan is deeply saddened by the fact that Jeena doesn’t have parents and the other half exactly don’t know who is this mysterious lady is? Well you need to read this if you still don’t know who this Jeena is & why is everyone so obsessed with the fact that she doesn’t have parents.
Jeena is fictitious character of the most trenching drama this season, Man mayal, broadcast on Hum Television Network every Monday’s  night.

Manmayal (2)

This character, Jeena is obsessively in love with her boss at work, Salahuddin who is already in love with her old neighbor( Manu- Minahil)  since his teenage. Unfortunately Salahuddin had to reject Minahil( Manu) as he didn’t had enough confidence to accept her at that time. Manmayal (5)After his rejection, Manu who was insanely in love with Salahuddin agrees to marry another person just to make him jealous and realizes that she has made a big mistake.


Manmayal (3)
Being emotional and sentimental at that time, Manu had made the wrong choice of her life as her husband, Mikail turned out to be a bad man……. a Gambler & a play boy. Mikail didn’t show anyManmayal (6) attraction towards Manu, even after her sincerest efforts for him, she could never manage to make a place in his heart. The only reason of staying in her In-Laws was the support of Makail’s parents and the grudge against Salahuddin. When Mikail’s parents passed away, Mikail, taking the opportunity divorced Manu and then for some reasons, Manu had to stay at Salahudin’s place.
Jeena, who was madly in love with Salahudin, couldn’t accept the comeback of Manu in Salahudin’s life and after every fight and blame game, Jeena makes her iconic statement that she is completely alone in this world, she doesn’t have parents or anyone to love her and specially that finally when Salahuddin agreed to marry Jeena, Manu’s presence can spoil it all.

 Spoiler Alert: Salahudin is soon going to find out that Jeena is a psychopath when she was trying to kill Manu.Manmayal (4)




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