Ye Wrong Number Hai

11752427_600980136707030_4827701972115058677_nUnfortunately we have entered an era where we are seeing a complete role reversal. We have accused Indian Film Industry for all the vulgarity and now we are here following there tradition.!

WHY?images (1)

We blamed india when we were watching their dramas,,,,, though we never stopped watching them and more over,,,,WOOW! there is no channel of dramas on our Pakistan cable network where there is no broadcast of an indian serial.

The worst part is that when there has been a trend of film making in Pakistan, we are trying to copy indian media though we have much better stories, actors and culture.


Recently, Aisha Omer’s item song in film Karachi to Lahore bitterly shocked me when I just watched Bajrangi bhaijan teaser/ Trailler where Kareena Kapor covered herself propely depicting the character very accurately.images 370599-tu-chahiye-bajrangi-bhaijaaimages bajrangi_bhaijaan_0_0_0_0_0 x240-wi2

If Indians didn’t forget our culture then why are we doing so!

Please think over it….. We all would love to watch Pakistan Films but without any item songs/ Vulgarity,,,otherwise we can easily and more conveniently watch the indian ones.




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