You won’t believe what the Indian Cricket Team sent to Shahid Afridi

After the tragic news from the Lala’s side of his retirement Afridi Quits Zalmi, everyone was still in a mourning  state until we came to know about this thing.

Shahid Khan Afridi aka, Lala got an overwhelming treat on his farewell from the Indian Cricket Team who once were definitely a big rivalry side. The Indian Cricket Team gifted Shahid Khan AfirdiShahid Afrid- we want you back in team a Virat Kohli Virat Kohli-The Stunner‘s Shirt signed by all the Indian Cricketers to deliver the respect they had for the Shahid Bhai!

This could be the most unexpected thing from a country’s cricket team who have been in a tough relation since after partition. But nevertheless, Huge Respect to Indian Cricket Team who gave respect to the Sportsman & his talent and  not considering the Country only from where he belongs.




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